Business Philosophy

Sustainable innovation - We view sustainable innovation as the driving force for long-term profitable growth.   

High-quality work - We encourage everyone to strive for excellence and realize personal values in high-quality and efficient work.  

Full service - We appreciate full service to customers and partners to gain reputation and support.  

Brand strategy - We endeavor to build a brand with high reputation by continuously improving our products and service.  

Social responsibility - We are committed to environment-friendly production and technology that minimizes the negative effects of production on the environment.

Corporate Values

Be patriotic, loyal, dedicated and civilized   

Be self-disciplined, law-abiding, fair and open  

Be safe, optimistic, harmonious and happy  

Be dutiful to parents, grateful to others, honest and friendly  

Be progressive, innovative, efficient and devoted  

Be hard-working, cooperative, responsible and courageous

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