Palladium series 409. Triphenylphosphine acetylacetone carbonyl rhodium

  • 409. Triphenylphosphine acetylacetone carbonyl rhodium

Product Details

product description


mainly used for hydroformylation, formylation and hydroxylation.

Storage requirements: nitrogen filled and sealed storage, placed in a cool dry place.


provide packaging according to customer requirements

Technical Parameters

Chemical name: triphenylphosphine acetylacetone carbonyl rhodium (I); carbonyl acetylacetonate triphenylphosphine rhodium (I)

Chemical formula: C24H22O3PRh

CAS No.: 25470-96-6

Rhodium content wt%: 20.9

Molecular weight: 492.31

Color and form: yellow microcrystal powder.

Nature: insoluble in water; soluble in acetone and chloroform; stable in the air.

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