Palladium series 303. Product name: Tris (triphenylphosphine) ruthenium (II) chloride

  • 303. Product name: Tris (triphenylphosphine) ruthenium (II) chloride

Product Details

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Application area: 

1. Generation of cyclohexane phenol by cyclohexanone 2. Generation of fatty ketone by fatty ketone 3. Generation of alcohol by naphthyl methyl ketone


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Technical Parameters

English name: Tris (triphenylphosphine) ruthenium (II) chloride

Chemical formula: C54H45Cl2P3Ru; RuCl2 (PPh3) 3

CAS No.:15529-49-4

Ruthenium content: 10.5%

Molecular weight: 958.84

Color state: black crystalline powder

Storage conditions: sealed and frozen, placed in a dry place.

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