Palladium series 302. Ruthenium / alumina (Ru/Al2O3)

  • 302. Ruthenium / alumina (Ru/Al2O3)

Product Details

product description

Application area: 

1. Used for hydrogenation reaction of aromatic aldehydes, aniline and its derivatives, nitro aromatics, aliphatic compounds 2. industrial exhaust and purification of pure gas 3. production of hydrogen peroxide


can be packaged according to user requirements.

Technical Parameters

Name: Ruthenium /alumina catalyst, ruthenium on activated charcoal

CAS No.:7440-05-3

Specifications: Ru 101, Ru 103, Ru 105, Ru 107, Ru 110

Ruthenium content: 0.1% ~ 30%

Carrier material: alumina

Crystal form of the carrier: α, γ, δ

Carrier type: dental bulb, ball, column, size of 1.5-5mm

Specific surface area (m2/g): 95-350

Pore volume (ml/g): 0.45-1.0

Aperture (nm): 5-35

Bulk density (ml/g): 0.42-0.90

Compression strength (N): 15-90

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