Palladium series 301. Ruthenium (Pd/C)

  • 301. Ruthenium (Pd/C)

Product Details

product description

Carrier state: powdered activated carbon

Application areas:

Ruthenium not only serves as the catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of organic compounds, but also can replace Raney Ni in the production of vitamin C via the sorbitol by the hydrogenation of glucose. It is featured by high activity, good selectivity, quick reaction speed, mild reaction conditions, high service life and easy recovery. In the process of preparing optically active alcohols by means of hydrogenation of carboxylic acid and carboxylic ester, the catalytic activity of ruthenium carbon catalyst is better than that of traditional copper and nickel catalysts. The prepared products have pure color and low impurity content. Preparation of sorbitol by glucose hydrogenation, hydrogenation saturation of aromatics, preparation of fatty alcohols by hydrogenation of fatty aldehydes, preparation of cyclohexylamine by aniline hydrogenation, preparation of alcohols by hydrogenation of fatty ketones, generation of aromatic alcohols by hydrogenation of aromatic ketones, preparation of aminoalcohols by hydrogenation of amino acid.

Number of nesting:

It depends on the specific reaction (such as reaction temperature, pH of reaction medium, etc.)

Packaging: can be packaged according to user requirements.

Technical Parameters

Carrier state: columnar activated carbon

Application area: it is mainly used in nitro reduction, double bond hydrogenation, dechlorination, debenzylation, ester hydrocracking, heterocyclic hydrogenation, condensation of aldehyde and amine as well as other fixed bed reaction with large productivity and output; compared with tank reaction, it has the advantages of high productivity, high automaticity, low labor and production cost.

Catalyst life: depending on the specific reaction and the size of fixed bed reactor

Carrier state: powdered activated carbon

Name: ruthenium, ruthenium catalyst, ruthenium on activated charcoal

CAS No.:7440-05-3

Specifications: Ru 101, Ru 103, Ru 105, Ru 107, Ru 110

Ruthenium content: 0.1% ~ 30%

Carrier material: coconut shell, coal, wood, peat and so on

1. Carrier state: powdered activated carbon

Specific surface area (m2/g): ≥930

Metal surface area (m2/g): 85 ~ 105

Average particle size of carrier (μm): 15, 20, 30, 50, 80, 100 (can be adjusted depending on application type and filter equipment)

Impurities (m %): Cu, Fe, Cr, Ni, Ag, Mg and other impurities ≤ 0.3

Particle strength (m %): ≥ 90

Moisture content: 0.1% ~ 65%

Ash content (m %): ≤ 5

Carrier state: columnar activated carbon

Diameter of 0.8-4mm, length of 2-8mm;

Flaky activated carbon: 4-6 meshes, 6-8 meshes, 8-12 meshes;

Unshaped granular activated carbon: 10-40 meshes

Specific surface area (m2/g): 750-1320

Pore volume (ml/g): 0.35-1.0

Aperture (nm): 1.5-25

Bulk density (ml/g): 0.44-0.75

Compression strength (N): 20-85

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