Palladium series 401. Rhodium on activated carbon (Pd/C)

  • 401. Rhodium on activated carbon (Pd/C)

Product Details

product description

Application area:

Hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, oxidation, expansion, cyclization, coupling, formylation, carbonylation, etc..

Has unique selectivity and high activity; can make the reaction carry out at low temperature, low pressure or even under normal temperature and pressure;

Can recover to refine and reprocess. Widely used in petrochemicals, pharmaceutical industry, spice industry, dye industry and other fine chemical processes.

Number of nesting:

It depends on the specific reaction (such as reaction temperature, pH of reaction medium, etc.)

Packaging: can be packaged according to user requirements.

Technical Parameters

Product name: rhodium on activated carbon, rhodium on activated carbon catalyst

CAS No.: 7440-16-6

Specifications: Rh 1.5 Rh 101 Rh 103 Rh 105 Rh 110

Rhodium content: 0.1% ~ 30%

Carrier material: coconut shell, coal, wood, peat and so on

1. Carrier state: powdered activated carbon

Specific surface area (m2/g): ≥930

Metal surface area (m2/g): 85 ~ 105

Average particle size of carrier (μm): 15, 20, 30, 50, 80, 100 (can be adjusted depending on application type and filter equipment)

Impurities (m %): Cu, Fe, Cr, Ni, Ag, Mg and other impurities ≤ 0.3

Particle strength (m %): ≥ 90

Moisture content: 0.1% ~ 65%

Ash content (m %): ≤ 5

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