Palladium series 223. Platinum dioxide

  • 223. Platinum dioxide

Product Details

product description


1. Hydrogenation catalyst, suitable for the reduction of double bond, triple bond, aromatic hydrocarbon, carbonyl, nitrile and nitro;

2. Excellent hydrogen absorbing material;

3. Resistance in the low resistance range of the electronics industry;

4. Raw materials for potentiometer and other components and electronic industry thick film line materials .


Can be packaged according to user requirements.

Technical Parameters

Chemical name: platinum dioxide; Adams catalyst

Chemical formula: PtO2

CAS: 1314-15-4

Platinum content wt%: 85.0

Molecular weight: 227.08

Melting point: 450℃

Color and form: black powder

Nature: insoluble in water, concentrated acid and aqua regia; stable in the air.

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