Palladium series 217. Platinum tetrachloride

  • 217. Platinum tetrachloride

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Used for electroplating; used as analytical reagent; also used in the extension and diffusion processes of semiconductor production.


Can be packaged according to user requirements.

Technical Parameters

217. Platinum tetrachloride

Chemical name: platinum tetrachloride

Chemical formula: PtCl4

Platinum content wt%: 58

CAS: 13454-96-1

Molecular weight: 336.90

Melting point: 370℃ (decomposition)

Color and form: reddish brown crystal

Nature: easily soluble in hot water, soluble in cold water and acetone, slightly soluble in ethanol and ammonia; insoluble in ether; very deliquescent; decomposed into platinum dichloride and chlorine when being heated to 370℃ in chlorine.

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