Palladium series 216. Tetraammineplatinum (II) dichloride

  • 216. Tetraammineplatinum (II) dichloride

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used for the preparation of platinum salts.


can be packaged according to user requirements.

Technical Parameters

216. Tetraammineplatinum (II) dichloride

Chemical name: tetraammineplatinum (II) dichloride; tetraammineplatinum chloride

Chemical formula: Pt (NH3) 4Cl2

CAS: 13933-32-9

Platinum content wt%: 58.0

Molecular weight: 334.11

Melting point: 250℃ (decomposition temperature)

Color and form: white needle crystal.

Nature: insoluble in ethanol, acetone and ether; easily soluble in water.

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