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Nitrogen Oxides Elimination Technology

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) mainly composed by NO and NO2 are produced in human activities like fuel burning which accounts for more than 90% of its generation and nitric acid production, nitrification in chemical and pharmaceutical engineering, as well as certain industrial processing including metal finishing and semiconductor making. NOX has a toxic effect on people and is also a main contributor to latmospheric photochemical fogs and acid rains when mega-emissions happen. Thermal power plants and other fossil fuels-burning plants can discharge smokes whose concentration of nitrogen oxides reaches about hundreds to several thousands of ppm, of which more than 90% are nitric oxide. Selective catforming (SCR) with the help of noble metal catalyst is one of the main means for the treatment of NOX with its unique advantages of high catalytic activity, wide selection scale, high efficiency, stable performance and prolonged lifespan.

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